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" Thoughtful, organized presentation with a cool and calm focus which kept the audience's attention with explanations that made her points more meaningful and impactful."

Peter Neeson. Senior Partner and Chair of Mass Torts, Rawle and Henderson. Philadelphia, USA.

Meditation and mindfulness are extremely important for the work place and recognized as a game changer by leading health professionals. Observing my father embrace recovery from addictions as he built a successful company, I realized that the key component was his natural understanding of “the human factor”. He developed a strong team and positive work environment so that he had access to the human resources which would allow the success of his company.  

Current science underscores that introducing mindfulness and meditation in the workplace supports "the human factor".

With the wonderful people at Trans Union, Chicago.

With the wonderful people at Trans Union, Chicago.


  • Choice Points. How to foster a creative, productive environment utilizing highly conscious engagement in challenging times..

  • Mindful Communication: using clarity, intelligence, compassion, patience, and ethical and moral courage

  • Stress reduction:it is a skill

  • Lean in or Sit back? Power in position. It's not what you think.

  • Mindfulness at work: 3 ways to practice


Support the development of a workplace that not only emphasizes the health and vitality of its employees, but to understand its contribution to the greater community experience in homes, public spaces, and indeed the world.

  • Foster individual growth and personal responsibility

  • Decrease sick days and discontent within the workplace environment

  • Increase productivity and support; creating happy campers

  • Bring meditation and mindfulness into the workplace.


To be energized, informed, challenged, entertained and inspired in order to make healthy and accessible changes to work life.