Meditation Classes


Meditation is a practice that incorporates both ancient and modern techniques that serve to calm the mind and soothe the central nervous system. 


Mindfulness is viewing the present moment in full awareness; without labels, judgement, or stories.


Meditation facilitates reduction in anxiety, blood pressure, competing thoughts and depression, while improving sleep, concentration, memory, productivity, compassion, creativity, equanimity, and joy, just to name a few.  Through my 30+ years of practice and training(Certified through McLean Meditation Institute in Sedona)  I am able to guide participants through the various ways of incorporating meditation and mindfulness into daily life.  

Meditation is not one size fits all, and yet its multitudinous methods are available to all.   

I draw on the latest knowledge from the scientific community to underscore what I have found to be profound and true: Meditation improves quality of life and creates the right conditions for the body to heal from the inside out.


WHAT TO EXPECT~some experienced immediately, others as your practice develops.

~A calming of the mind and central nervous system.

~The ability to respond to life's challenges rather than react.

~Develop a sense of ease and equanimity.

~Greater focus, concentration and memory.

~Better sleeping patterns.

~Decreased anxiety, depression and anger...just to name a few.



The proof is well documented through science and that will be provided.  More importantly, the benefits will be experienced first hand by the participant.


Private classes are tailored to the individual.  Specific concerns, questions, and needs are addressed - for example, managing anxiety and fear while tending to a health crisis or change in environment - all the while facilitating a deepening of the client's meditation practice.

GROUP CLASSES: 15.00/person/hr (4 person minimum)

Group lessons are a great way to bring meditation to a group of people wanting to experience guided meditations.  Classes are tailored to the needs and interests of the group.