My Story


Meditation and yoga have been an integral part of my own journey, keeping me healthy throughout many seasons of life. My practice literally anchored me to what was beautiful in the world instead of focusing on the trauma I was experiencing growing up in a home of violence and addictions.  I understood at an early age what mental health meant, and that forgiveness and compassion are only accessible when challenged. These years were profound in cementing my belief in healing from the inside out.

My biggest challenge came however, after surviving a propane explosion which left me a wee bit of a hot mess. PTSD, severe anxiety and significant cognitive impairments became my new unwanted friends. For the first time in my life, all of my warts were on display and it was neither pretty or fun. It was however, my formal wake-up call.

As a life-time practitioner, I knew that my journey was to include a committed regime of self care starting with compassion, bringing a much needed lightness to the falls along the way. Science now tells us what sages have known for thousands of years; that yoga and meditation facilitate the healing of body and mind as well as literally re-wires the brain based on our directive. How cool is that?!  Both powerful and exciting!  

It has been a long mucky road of recovery, but one filled with deep awe and wonder at the body's ability to heal. Only 5 years ago my prognosis was poor (early onset dementia) and my working memory clocked in at a whopping 2%.  Tapping into all of the qualities that I knew from yoga and meditation - discipline, compassion, equanimity, tenacity, resilience, strength, curiosity, kindness, acceptance and mindfulness - has brought me to a place of vibrancy of body, mind and spirit. This is post-traumatic growth and an amazing place to be.

Now, it feels like I've graduated from a lifetime of hard knocks and fully realize what a great privilege it is to be able to teach, encouraging greater health and vitality through mindful work both on and off the mat. - B