Customized classes and personal retreats available: home, cottage, work



Asana's are the physical postures practiced within the art and science of Yoga.  Students are inspired to move beyond self-imposed limitations, and consciously, safely move towards a life of vitality, ease and grace.  On and off the mat.  All levels.

"If we are mindful as students and teachers, and know our limitations, then safety is a given."

Brenda brings fullness to her teaching by including traditional Hatha with Himalayan Kriya's and Pranayama techniques.

She is a confident, highly skilled practitioner and teacher and ensures safety, motivation and fun for all levels.  Chair yoga is also a fantastic option for individuals with mobility and balance issues as Brenda teaches regular classes both in person and on-line.

Pricing: $125.00 per hour.

You can practice with Brenda on her You Tube channel 

Brenda keeps her pricing in line with other health practitioners and advanced teachers.

Brenda is teaching privately, local studios, retreats and corporate settings.

***Compassionate and pro-bono pricing available upon request.