Customized classes and personal retreats available: home, cottage, work


Breathwork is fundamental to our overall sense of health and well-being and is the foundation upon which all other practices are rooted.  In our classes we explore various techniques that serve to calm the central nervous system, the body, and the brain.


Mindful breathwork is known to alleviate anxiety, stress, asthma, insomnia, regulate hormones and an over active mind.  Breath work is key in recovering from trauma; reclaiming personal power and initiative.  When we calm the mind and body, we move into a flow state, one of less tension and more joy.


Breathwork is safe, it is accessible to and for all.  We learn to understand ourselves more deeply, repair old wounds and re-calibrate our inner world so that our outer world is experienced fully and without fear.


Techniques discovered and shared are hughly transformative and incredibly rewarding.  Breathwork is a life skill whose benefits will unfold as your practice deepens.


Happy to chat about how breathwork can work for you.