Customized classes and personal retreats available: home, cottage, work



It is quite simple,...really.


Meditation is the use of ancient and modern techniques that serve to still the mind and quiet the central nervous system.  It does not require certain equipment or clothing; all it requires is a point of focus, your effort (time), and gentle, non-judgmental attention.  Meditation literally re-wires the landscape of the brain so that we learn to reduce anxiety, negative mental chatter, fear, and daily stressors.  


More benefits include deeper feelings of joy, compassion, peace, intuition, vitality, strength of mind and body, decreased pain, increase of beneficial sleep patterns, and improved memory and focus, just to name a few!


While each class is created for the individual or group, Brenda draws from her own vast experience, as well as from ancient Himalayan wisdom to create dynamism and relevance.  Practicing with Brenda is an event and an experience whose benefits resonate with each participant.


Techniques explored~ breath awareness, body relaxation, mantra, pranayama, kriya, visualization, japa, chanting, affirmations and tratika for example. 

You can find many meditations and some yoga practices on her You Tube channel


Individual and group classes: $125.00 per hour 

(Brenda keeps her pricing in-line with other health practitioners and advanced teachers)


***compassionate pricing and pro-bono  available upon request.