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Corporate and Public Presentations:

"Brenda provided a thoughtful, organized presentation with a cool and calm focus that held the audiences attention with explanations that made her points more meaningful and impactful " Peter Neeson, Senior Partner and Chair of Mass Torts, Rawle & Henderson, Philadelphia. Pensylvania.  Presentation to The American Bar Association in New York City. 

"Brenda is a passionate individual who lives the values she cherishes everyday, and when she speaks she engages people in a very personal and profound way." J.Scongack, V.P. Bruce Power. Ontario. 



"Thank you for motivating me to bring yoga back into my life. I really enjoyed your instruction style, attention to technique and your lovely spirit!" Vicky, Ontario.

Brenda, classes were great! You are truly inspiring. Barb, NYC.

“Brenda’s 4 class series was my first exposure to meditation.  She thoughtfully guided us through a variety of techniques, building our practice over the 4 weeks.  For me, Yoga Nidra has been especially powerful, allowing me to reduce stress, anxiety and improve my sleeping.  Absolutely life changing.” Lori, Ontario.

"Profound meditation experience! I felt deep connection and spaciousness within.  Looking forward to practice together again!" Irina, Miami, USA.

"Thanks so much for introducing me to yoga. You're a wonderful teacher".  Nancy, Naples, USA.

"Brenda renewed my love of yoga that I had forgotten. I looked forward to our practice and felt so renewed afterwards."  Muriel, Boston,USA.

"Thank you for these 4 weeks Brenda. I will miss our Monday evenings but your teachings will stay with me as I aspire to continue with this practice. It is profound to “just breathe”.
Namaste. Rosemary. Thornbury Canada.

"Each meditation session with Brenda allows me to ground down deeply into my practice.  She guides effortlessly and leaves space for me to just be!" Jen. Miami,USA.

"Brenda made me feel relaxed and safe which was very important to me as a new practitioner. "  Yuriko, Japan.

"Recently I was hospitalized with very serious issues, and if it wasn't for the meditation skills I learned through Brenda, the experience would have been much more traumatic.  I couldn't believe how my new skills translated so easily to every day life.  Managing my stress, and my breath, directly contributed to a successful outcome and overall experience."  Heather. Toronto, Canada.

"Brenda is a dedicated and motivating yoga and meditation instructor. Her classes are relaxing and easy to follow." Susan, Blue Mountains.

"Brenda was able to lead a group of diverse students in a yoga class for athletes. I loved it!"  Moira.  Clinton, Canada.

"Brenda is a delicious mix of intuitive leadership and intellectual stimulus.  Her guidance, whether as a meditation teacher or yoga instructor, is gentle and informed, dynamic and yet devoid of ego.  She's a servant to the beautiful truth in all of us, we are peace waiting to be realized in this world.  We are love waiting to be articulated on this planet.  I can't wait to be her student again someday!  Reed, multiple Emmy award winner, teacher, journalist, motivator. Las Vegas, USA.

"I am fairly new to yoga and Brenda was very good at explaining the poses.  She made me feel comfortable and supported.  Maria. Texas, USA 


"I started reading it, and didn't want to put it down!" Kathy, New York.

"It's excellent! It is very well written and the narrative flows well.  You also move between storytelling and insight/wisdom seamlessly.  The best writing comes from the heart and your book is written with heart and soul". Sean, Collingwood.

"Your writing is beautiful...accessible, clear, honest, informative, real and joyful!  Like any good book, was somewhat disappointed when I finished reading it!" Kate M.  Toronto.

"Brenda made an excellent presentation at our book club meeting.  Her book has something that everyone can relate to, learn from and apply to improve their own lives.  The short meditation that she provided at the presentation led to a meditation program for our group that we all enjoyed and benefited. Brenda earned our respect and admiration from her accomplishments, knowledge, and leadership and presentation skills. Thank you Brenda!" Mary, Ontario.

"I think the way you are encouraging everyone to take charge and play a role in their own healing so empowering!  Mary Jane, Ontario.

"Although we have very different personal contexts, I could deeply relate to what you were saying. In my opinion, your life story combined with the very honest way you write, is absolutely touching and transforming.",  Lucia , Brazil.

"I loved your book and got a better sense of how the brain conquers the trauma of trauma.  Anyone would find it inspiring"  Moira, Ontario.

"Well written, engaging and powerful." Christopher, USA.

"Brenda’s Book is an inspiring story that teaches us the benefits of perseverance to help overcome challenges in life." Susan, Ontario.

I highly recommend reading Brenda’s book and attending her Yoga and meditation classes.

"Your writing is thought provoking." Sharyn, Ontario

"What an honest and courageous journey you have taken your readers on.  You have dared to be vulnerable...many will benefit from your honesty, humility and the love you put into this~your memoir. Julie, Ontario.

"I am reading and slowly re-reading.  I find it so helpful, especially now."  Melina, Ontario.

"I could not put it down!"  Enid, Canada.

"Interior Consciousness:Healing From The Inside Out has so many layers to peel back and navigate the many factors involved in healing. Within this story of incredible survival and thriving against the odds, lies a commentary on how Western medicine continues to fail women and how interiority is necessary to holistic wellness. The books narrative structure is beautifully woven with Murphy's experience and practical applications that offer the reader plenty to contemplate and implement into their lives." Jessica Araujo, M.A Literature, MFA Creative Writing, English Professor, Author. Michigan, USA.