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The Journey

The journey towards health and healing began as a young child facing neglect, abuse and trauma.  Brenda was fortunate to learn basic breath techniques as a little girl to manage asthma.  Years later, as a nationally ranked track athlete and junior national team member, Brenda learned more breath techniques as well as meditation and asanas to complement her daily training.  These very techniques practiced daily, were the same techniques that provided stablility, resilience, focus and self compassion in her school and home life.  Brenda learned a beautiful lesson: that committing to a Yogic life, would be the foundation upon which to heal, grow and thrive.

Brenda's practice allowed her to move beyond the negativity and trauma experienced at home, and inspired her to create worthy, long lasting goals.

Even though she became permanently injured, and unable to compete, Brenda maintained her meditation and asana practice.  She graduated from The University of Toronto, married, had a beautiful daughter, and owned and operated a successful cookshop and cafe.

Upon selling her business, she revelled in a new journey that awaited she and her family; moving to and renovating their new home.  This change created a major shift for her family when the house suffered a propane explosion, and she was in it!

Brenda had a traumatic brain injury, PTSD, cognitive impairments, significant memory loss, debilitating anxiety, and depression as a result of the accident.

As a lifetime practitioner of Yoga, in its truest sense, she had well-formed skills to direct and facilitate her healing.  She wrote about her journey, and healing in  her book Interior Consciousness: Healing From the Inside Out.

Brenda is a Yoga master, with over 40 years of experience; experience that colours the way she teaches, moves and thinks.  Overcoming seemingly impossible barriers; cognitive impairments, a high probablity of early onset dementia, muscular atrophy, memory loss, daily migraines, and debilitating anxiety has allowed her to inspire, motivate and share her knowlege with expertise, compassion and insight.  

Brenda knows that challenges, loss, trauma and illness can happen to anyone.  She believes that we all have a choice to respond in a higher way to our challenges and to facilitate our own healing, from the inside out.  This is personal empowerment at its best.  Be the co-creator of your own life and success!