"Brenda is a delicious mix of intuitive leadership and intellectual stimulus. Her guidance, whether as a meditation teacher or yoga instructor, is gentle and informed, dynamic and yet devoid of ego. She’s a servant to the beautiful truth in all of us, we are peace waiting to be realized in this world. We are love waiting to be articulated on this planet. I can’t wait to be her student again someday!" - Reed Cowan, Edward R. Murrow and Emmy Award winning messenger, teacher and motivator. U.S.A.

“I am fairly new to yoga and Brenda was very good at explaining the poses.  She made me feel comfortable and supported.” - Maria S. Yoga Student, Health Practitioner,Peru.

"Brenda's personal experiences have eased me into sharing my own; if only in my thoughts.  Creating that level of comfort, helps me to move forward with more kindness towards myself." - J.H., Meditator, Administrator, Ontario.

"Brenda offered a one hour yoga class which focused on strength and flexibility for athletes.  She was knowledgeable and precise with her instruction and was able to focus on everyone's individual needs during the class.  Her calming demeanour and voice made the class flow easily.  It was fun!" - M.G. Health Practitioner, Ontario

 "Brenda has great energy and I like how she was engaged with all of us." - Yuriko,Yoga Student, Nurse, Japan.

" I think the session was great and I especially liked when Brenda talked about some of her experiences in life and how meditation made her strong and kept her going and handle the situations in a better way. I think talking about the real experiences and describing how the meditation techniques help in a practical way is most effective" Ashana, Trans Union. Chicago.

Thanks again for a great month of yoga. You renewed my love of yoga that I had forgotten . I looked forward to our practice and felt so renewed afterwords.  Muriel, Naples, Florida.

You’re an amazing teacher and I enjoyed every class! Nancy, Naples, Florida.