Private Yoga Classes

~Classes are Hatha based with an emphasis on strong, consistent foundational poses. Flow is created through a well-balanced class focusing on alignment,safety and the breath. 

~Classes recognize the importance of flexibility at every stage in life, and I make sure to address our connective tissues in order to develop the postures as well as to improve deep circulation and overall health.

~Classes facilitate all levels

~Chair Yoga and specific accommodations for client needs are made available.



Physically; a stronger, more vibrant, flexible self. Equally important, are the postural benefits of practicing yoga. Moving in correct alignment is foundational to aging well, which in turn supports proper breathing.  

Mentally; develop a sense of equanimity through difficult poses, cultivating concentration, tenacity and resilience.

Emotionally; fostering a sense of compassion and patience as one moves through new or challenging postures.  

Private Class $75.00/hr

Private Class Student rate$45.00/hr

Group Rates $15/person/hr (4 person minimum)

Group rate for Students $10.00/person/hr (4 person minimum)