Meditation calms the mind and body through practice. Specifically, the central nervous system settles which in turn creates the optimum environment for our bodies to thrive and heal.  We were born with the ability to live a full and healthy life, but because we have spent so much time ignoring our bodies in one way or another, we are being diagnosed with record levels of anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disturbances and cancer, just to name a few.

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Classes are inviting, educational and easy. We will practice classic meditation techniques in mindfulness and breath awareness, plus explore complimentary practices of self-inquiry, sound, visualization and mantra. All sessions will be supported by current scientific research.

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Mindful Leadership

Simple Easy Every Day (SEED) Meditation Training

Corporate Sustainability/ The Human Factor

Lowering Workplace Stress and Illness

Tapping Into: How Do You Serve?

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