Interior Consciousness

     Interior Consciousness

               Meditation * Mindfulness * Yoga


Inspiring others to live their best life from the inside out.



Brenda Murphy

Certified Meditation Teacher

Certified hatha yoga teacher

Meditator. Yogini. Tender of gardens. Minder of animals big and small.

I was first introduced to yoga and meditation as a young athlete competing provincially, nationally and internationally. Since then I have maintained a private practice for over 40 years and have gained a great deal of experience and knowledge in that time.  

My goals as a teacher:

~to make mental health a priority, and provide skills that ease stress and anxiety .

~are to make sure that each participant leaves my class confident and excited as they continue to explore their own practice.

~ that each student leaves my class knowing more than when they came in.  Every single time.  

~that my students are recognized as exacting and knowledgeable regardless of their experience.  

~ are to share the limitless benefits of meditation and yoga and have fun while doing it!